New Models of Care: Working together for a healthy London

23rd March 2016, 10am – 4pm, London Met

London Met edited


The last few years have seen dramatic changes to the way health and social care services are structured and funded. The health needs of the population are changing and growing more complex but there are increasing scientific and technological opportunities to support patients and their carers.  The NHS’s  Five Year Forward View has a key focus on prevention and patient centred interventions but what are the opportunities for the VCS, policy makers and commissioners in terms of co-producing and commissioning new models of care interventions?

On the 23rd March LVSC and London for All held and all day conference to consider some of the challenges and opportunities for VCSE and Statutory bodies to work together to design and deliver services to improve the health of Londoners.

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New Models of Care: Working Together for a Healthier London DRAFT INTERIM REPORT

The research in this report has been undertaken by the London for All programme manager as a contribution to the ‘New Models of Care’ event held at London Metropolitan University on 23 March 2016.  The objectives of the research as twofold:

  • explore the experience of voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector health practitioners with regard to their support needs at a local, regional and national level.
  • consider current and future measures to ensure the long term effectiveness of support at the local, regional and national level and the opportunities for collective action by the VCSE sector, to achieve this.

The motivation for the research springs from the core aim of London for All, to strengthen voluntary and community sector capacity.  In particular the research recognises the challenges of austerity and seeks to develop collective strategies to enhance VCSE action.

Briefing: The London Integrated Care Pioneers

LVSC (through is constituent membership of Regional Voices) and London for All  programme have produced a briefing paper looking at the London Integrated Care Pioneers. The paper provides an overview of the integrated care pioneers in London . It includes links to a range of case studies and support available to enable shared learning ,good practice and co-production across the sites and between the sectors.

160223 Integrated pioneers London briefing paper

‘Walking the Talk’ Workshops Series Briefing

Delivering a Co-productive Approach to Participatory Learning and Evaluation

 The HEAR Human Rights and Equalities Network and Hament Patel (Workshop Series Facilitator and OCP Ltd) have produced a briefing paper to disseminate some of the learning from a two-part series of workshops delivered in October and November 2015 by the HEAR Network. These sessions were part of HEAR’s contribution to the London for All project funded by London Councils to support London’s voluntary and community sector. Read more…

A Space to Think: Tomorrow’s London

Wednesday 20th January, 9.30am – 4.00pm

St Luke’s Community Centre

90 Central St, London EC1V 8AJ


Background to the conference:

This conference explored some of the political, economic, social and technological challenges and opportunities facing the VCSE sector in London. We looked at the long term impact of the 2015 Autumn Comprehensive Spending Review, what devolution will look like in London and how we can work with funders and the private sector to ensure the continued delivery of essential services for Londoners. During this interactive event participants had an opportunity to think about how the national and London policy and funding picture will impact on their work, cohort and organisation and in the afternoon open space sessions we explored how organisations can thrive rather than just survive. Read more…

LSVC Mayoral Manifesto

The VCSE sector adds extraordinary value to Londoners, but this public good which enriches so many lives is only achieving a fraction of its potential

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Keeping it human conference and Accessibility Awards

London Voluntary Service Council, HEAR Network, Race on the Agenda, LASA and Women’s Resource Centre held their 3rd Annual Conference and the HEAR Networks Accessibility Awards on the 25th November

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New resources for building relationships with business

Two new resources from our recent introductory training on building effective relationships with business. Read more…

New resources on the Care Act

Resources available from our recent training on the Care Act. Read more…

New report and resource from the Women’s Resource Centre

Women’s organisations;the ‘net beneath the net’: the Role of the women’s voluntary and community organisations and benefit of specialist women’s services. Read more…

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