One of the main advantages of attending London for All sessions is that you get to meet people outside of your particular area or sphere of work. You learn that there are transferable skills and ways of working which can be relevant to the work we do.


There are three key networks informing the strategic direction of London for All, the delivery of services and together they make up the peer learning component of LVSC’s London Councils’ funded ‘London for All’ partnership project.

  • London Voluntary Sector Forum
  • HEAR, London’s network of equalities and human rights organisations
  • Councils for Voluntary Service (CVS) Directors’ network

London Voluntary Sector Forum (LVSF)

LVSF brings together a wide range of organisations from across the London VCS to:

  • Learn from each other
  • Share good practice
  • Share intelligence across London
  • Discuss and take action on issues of interest to the membership

LVSF is currently working on:

  • Funding Strategy for London (with London Funders)
  • London Living Wage
  • General Election 2015
  • The Lobbying Act and;
  • Issues that affect Londoners no matter where they live such as homelessness, ageing, sexual and domestic violence, health and social care, poverty and inequality
  • Demonstrating the impact of VCS services and the value of funding VCS in London
  • Keeping equality and human rights on the agenda
  • Raising the voice of those all too often unheard

The network has a diverse membership from across London’s VCS and includes pan-London and cross-borough voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations as well as borough level infrastructure organisations to ensure that we have good local knowledge.

LVSF strengthens relationships across the sector providing a strategic overview linking local challenges to regional issues


This is a new incarnation of a network that has been around since 1986 and until April 1st 2013 had a membership restricted to London Councils’ funded organisations.

LVSF focuses on issues that affect the wider VCS in London but retains a sub-group which focuses on London Councils’ commissioning processes.

To find out more about LVSF, email or call 020 7832 5813.

HEAR is the London network of equalities organisations and acts as a strong pan-equalities voice and source of knowledge and expertise on issues impacting on London’s voluntary and community sector

CVS Directors’ Network

London has a CVS (Council for Voluntary Service) in almost every one of its 33 boroughs and this network brings together their Directors three times a year.

They meet to hear and discuss updates on policy changes and new initiatives that may affect them and their members, share their own learning and experience and provide peer support at a time when the world of infrastructure is under increasing pressure. They also bring the views of their members, the voluntary and community sector organisations that are delivering services at grass roots level, onto the regional stage whilst at the same time ensuring that those local organisations are kept up to date with regional and national developments.

Areas of interest covered in the last six months include changes to the NHS and Public Health, the development of new commissioning arrangements for VCS organisations supporting victims of crime and eco-audits of premises and how they could save money as well as protecting the environment.