London for All is an essential source of information, increasing in importance as alternatives are vanishing or inaccessible.We carry out research as part of our capacity building work. For example:

HEAR invites contributions to research on multiple discrimination and intersectionality.

HEAR has been working on aspects of inequality, disadvantage, discrimination and barriers to accessing services that particularly impact on Londoners who are vulnerable to multiple forms of discrimination.

If you are an organisation working with disadvantaged people in London you can contribute in a variety of ways, including contributing a case study, collecting the views of your beneficiaries or reporting on current policy issues affecting the people you work with.

HEAR has some funding to enable you to contribute and highlight what is important for your organisation and the people you work with.

HEAR will work with contributors to take forward the issues highlighted and build them into future activities through HEAR Network and the London for All project.

If you would like to know more or register your interest please get in touch with the HEAR Coordinator Christine Goodall: